5th CVOT Summit of the D&CVD EASD Study Group

24 - 25 October 2019, Munich, Germany


The 5th CVOT Summit is organized in cooperation with the D&CVD, EDNSG, PCDE and Incretin Study Groups of the EASD.

The Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease (D&CVD) EASD Study Group exists to promote advancement of knowledge on all aspects of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes through active co-operation between interested Diabetologists and other specialists, particularly Cardiologists. It works actively for the establishment of European collaborative studies and acts as a reference group for EASD in matters related cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The main aim of D&CVD EASD Study Group is to bring together researchers working in the field of cardiovascular disease in diabetes mellitus, exchange experiences in research and promote discussions during regular meetings.




The European Diabetic Nephropathy Study Group (EDNSG) of the EASD is established with the aim of assembling researchers interested in diabetic renal disease in order to study epidemiology, pathology, pathophysiology and treatment of this complication of diabetes mellitus. The ultimate goal of the Group is to prevent the appearance or the development of kidney disease and to search far the best treatment of this condition in diabetic patients.




The overall goal of the INCRETIN Study Group is to confront knowledge and ideas related to incretin physiology and clinical applications with the aim to identify key questions that need to be addressed in clinical and fundamental science and propose key clinical trials; to diffuse news and organize meetings about incretins and related topics. These goals are achieved through the organization of roundtable discussions, which take place every other year, to discuss what is “known, new, controversial” in the incretin field.




The Study Group on Primary Care Diabetes Europe (PCDE) exists to provide a focal point for primary care clinicians and their patients. Its purpose is to promote high standards of care throughout Europe. Emphasis is placed on incorporating evidence based medicine into daily practice as well as promoting diabetes education and research in primary care.